Thursday, April 19, 2007


Dr. Sandler has received so many awards and has accomplished so much in her lifetime. She is currently a Senior Scholar at the Women's Research and Education Institute in Washington D.C. She developed and helped pass Title IX about sex discrimination in higher education. She also filed the first sex/harassment charges against almost 250 universities and colleges. Her awards include: ten honorary degrees (last in 1998), Leadership Matters Award, Institute for Educational Leadership (1997), Woman of Achievement, Turner Broadcasting System (1994), American Association of University Professors (1991), Woman of Distinction Award, National Association for Women in Education (1991), a part of the nations 100 most important women (Ladies Home Journal) and also in Who's Who of American Women, The International Who's Who of Women, and Who's Who in America.
She received the Georgina Smith Award as well. The
Georgina Smith Award is given in memory of Georgina Smith, obviously, "who was a committed feminist and a strong supporter of her local faculty union". The award is given to someone who has "provided exceptional leadership in a given year in improving the status of academic women or in academic collective bargaining and through that work has improved the profession in general." I see how Dr. Sandler is a fit for this award. The award is not given out annually (forced) but only given if it is truly deserved and there is notice to a certain individual with outstanding performance for women. This makes it more of an honor.
She also received the Anna Roe award from Harvard University in 1988. Anna Roe was a University of Denver graduate who excelled as a professor in her life. She was a professor at Harvard University which she thrived at. She was made "Professor Emerita at Harvard University, she was awarded the rank of full professor in 1963-the ninth woman to achieve it in the three-hundred years of Harvard's existence.". She was a prestigious and successful woman in her time and opened up the path for women. Dr. Sandler mirrors this image as well and so it is no wonder she was awarded this honor.
Dr. Sandler has successfully given over 2,500 presentations about "issues, concerning policies, strategies, practices and model programs" on the subject of sex discrimination and abuse against women which is also a huge accomplishment in her career.

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