Thursday, April 19, 2007

My Final Thoughts

Through this research and project on Bernice Sandler, I have become greatly affected and have a great respect for those women who have changed history for us women. I would never have known all the contributions Dr. Sandler specifically made to make the environment for me, especially in the classroom, improve. I also find her ideas for applying what she has learned and experienced into simple steps and guidelines so that all may understand, very helpful. You do not need to have higher knowledge to identify with her and understand her standpoint. She doesn't ask for recognition or leadership but gets it because of her hard, genuine work. Although she is very accomplished and intelligent as well as famous, I personally feel that I would be able to talk to her naturally and I would not feel unaccomplished and small. She is a motivator and a tangible being. She's real.
I also personally identify with her because her methods of improving rights for women and the environment in which women must survive, I agree with. She thrives on action rather than thought. I would like to be known as that as well. Although, my areas of passion are not the same as hers, I hope to use her ideas and methods as a foundation for the things I wish to do and fight for. She is a great, kind woman and has contributed so much to the progression of women's rights.

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