Thursday, April 19, 2007

Dr. Sandler's Thoughts about the Future

Dr. Sandler has been working hard to improve the environment for women in the future as a whole. She believes that sexual harassment never happened as much as it does now. She feels that that the presence of a label has made it happen more often. “There was so much less sexual harassment in K-12 schools then there is now.” School has become a lot different now and that there was a little more respect. “Boys and girls were taught to be polite and that was important.” She says that if a kid was caught sexually touching someone else they would have been expelled. Cuss words were never used in a school atmosphere casually or by authorities, it was not permitted. Things have changed and they continue to change but I believe that she hopes to change things for the better through all her effort and work with speeches, students and victims of sexual harassment/abuse. (Interview with Dr. Sandler)

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