Thursday, April 19, 2007

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Overview Publications
1. Wasserman, Elga. Lewin, Arie Y. Bleiweis, Linda H. Women in Academia: Evolving Policies Toward Equal Opportunities. "Sex Descrimination, Educational Institutions, and The Law: A New Issue On Campus" by Bernice Sandler. pg 20-36. Praeger Publishers. New York. 1975.

1. Jones, Stacey. "Sandler works to warm up 'Chilly Classroom Climate'". Emory Report. Volume 50. No. 6. September 29, 1997.

2. Sandler, Bernice. "Too Strong For a Woman"--The five words that Created Title IX". About Women on Campus-Spring 1997 issue.

3. Sandler, Bernice R. Women as Mentors: Myths and Commandments. The Chronicle of Higher Education--March 10, 1993 issue.

4. Sandler, Bernice Resnick. "Women Faculty at Work in the Classroom (Test) or Why it Still Hurts To Be A Woman in Labor". Communication Education. Volume 40. January 1991.

5. Hughes, Jean O'Gorman. Sandler, Bernices. "Peer Harassment: Hassles for Women on Campus".

6. Sandler, Bernice. Hughes, Jean O'Gorman. "Friends Raping Friends: Could it Happen to You?".

7. Ehrhart, Julie K. Sandler, Bernice Resnick. "Campus Gang Rape: Party Games?".

8. Sandler, Bernice R. "The Chilly Climate". About Women on Campus. Summer 1999 issue.

1. Bernice Sandler.

2. Aces and WISR. Doctor Bernice Sandler Networking Event. Case Western Reserve University.

3. Project Leader Cast: Bernice Sandler. Minnesota State University Mankato. 2006. (Includes parts of an Interview)

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