Thursday, April 19, 2007

Dr. Sandler's Goals

Dr. Sandler has many goals for the future of women. She has presented these throughout all of her work and it all goes towards the equal and safe treatment of women in all social aspects of life. She does however take notice to how much progress women have made through academics and the availability of school as well as other career options, but she also stresses that it is not enough yet. She takes notice of the amount of female teachers, administrators and faculty has increased as well as the amount of women that go to college but she stressed the need for more. “The higher the rank, the fewer the women; the more prestigious the field, the department, and/or school, the fewer the women; the higher the degree, the fewer the women; at every rank, in every field, at every type of institution, women earn less than their male counterparts…and problems for minority women students, faculty and administrators often are intensified.” She puts the emphasis on the continuation of this progress towards equal rights for women and not only equal opportunities but equal treatment. (Interview with Dr. Sandler)

We have moved forward with education but other things are still problems. Her goal is to see the same treatment and turnout in a work atmosphere. “The hiring and promotion of women has lagged far behind the enrollment of women as students.”
She also has goals to decrease the amount of sexual harassment as well as rape. She wants to make sure women stand up for themselves and don’t feel guilty when they are the victim. She has many goals for the future for women and has done a lot to lead us in the right direction. (The Chilly Climate for Women on Campus, USA Today)

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