Thursday, April 19, 2007

Interesting Facts

Dr. Sandler is a personality and has many things to offer to everyone she meets.
Her favorite childhood memory is her summers that she spent on a farm and later at the Catskills, both very rural and she said she “had lots of unsupervised time and lots of outdoor space”. She loves the outdoors!

She loved swimming in summer and playing ping pong (She was pretty good at it).
She used to play these two games called stoop ball and punch ball in the city. Stoopball was “hitting a ball against the steps of the homes” and punch ball was “like baseball but using a small ball which you threw up in the air and punched and then ran to the bases.” She said “We played this in the middle of the street with the bases on the curbs.”
She hates dodge ball because you get hurt.
In PE in college she enjoyed “soccer, fencing and modern dance enormously”.

She kept active later in her life as well as now. “In my late forties I started to run and was addicted to it -- would run 5-6 or even 7 mornings a week. I had a t-shirt made that said "world's slowest runner," which I was. I ran for about 7 years and cried when I had to stop because of my knees. Now I do low impact aerobics, walking and a lot of stretching and weight lifting (free weights).”

After she started running she “sometimes ran at night or in the dark in the morning, I bought myself a bright orange reflective sash to wear across my chest and over my shoulder because it reminded me about the sashes the boy crossing guards wore.” She shows some resentment and pride wearing the sash as a symbol of the job she, as a female wasn’t allowed to hold in school.” (Interview with Dr. Sandler)
*picture is not of Dr. Sandler. It is just a random ping pong team from the '40s.

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